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Free education
Keeping the NHS public
Disability rights
Voting reform
Renationalising the railways
Women's rights
Serious about climate change
Promoting walking, cycling and public transport
£10 minimum wage
Stopping TTIP
Animal welfare
Rules on media ownership
LGBTIQ rights
Wealth tax on top 1%
Public ownership
Trade union rights
Serious about air pollution
Robin Hood Tax
Internally democratic
Stopping tax dodging
Living wage
Citizen's Income
Drug law reform
Scrapping Trident
It's time for another Green MP
Banking and monetary reform
Free movement
Caroline Lucas is awesome
Protecting biodiversity
Taxing empty homes
Serious about toxic waste
Parental leave
Rent controls and tenants' rights
Properly taxing the rich
For a ratification referendum on the EU
Digital rights
Science funding
Against military intervention
Democratic reform
Support for renewables
Ending detention of asylum seekers
People's Constitutional Convention

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If it's existing Green Party policy, we'll happily add it to the site. Get in touch via email.

If it's not existing Green Party policy, then you may be interested to hear that any member can submit (and vote on) motions at the twice-yearly conferences.

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